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The Magic Of Singingbowls Explained.

To understand why singing bowls can have such a significant and profound effect on us, we first have to realise that we are more than just our physical body. Our true essence is way more subtle than our physical body. Although not sensible or visible to most of us, our energy body, our chakras and our aura are inseparable parts of our being.

Understanding our energy body and how it is connected to our physical body, our emotions and our thoughts is essential for understanding the magic of singing bowls, so I will take a little moment to explain this important part of our being a little further.

Our energy body exceeds our physical body, which can be seen by some as our aura. Where the physical and the energy body overlap, the energies flow along the structures of the body, along the nerves, the veins and our fascia, forming energy paths, also called Nadis or Meridians.

Where many energy pathways meet or overlap, chakras are formed. Chakras are points of condensed energy that, depending on what Nadis flow through them, are connected to certain body parts and mental or emotional subjects.

Where the energy body exceeds the physical body, it manifests in different “layers”, depending on the density of the energy and the human aspects that are in resonance with it. The Energy close to the body is the emotional layer, followed by the mental layer that is connected to our thoughts. And finally, the spiritual layer, where the energies are the finest and thus connected with all lightful and divine aspects of our being.

So everything we experience, think and feel moves our physical, but also our energetic body and is stored and memorised there.

That means that positive events can bring our energies lightness and flow, but if we experience traumas, supress wishes and needs or are not true to our selves, it can create blockages and leaks in our energy body. These blockages can lead to negative emotions like fear, stress or hate and in the worst case to illness. The problem here is that mostly we are not aware of these blockages and can thus not release them ourselves.

And this is where singing bowls come to help. The fine vibrations of the singing bowls can move our energys, can release blockages, bring harmony to disbalance and can activate energy flow where it stagnates. So that you can live your life in the lightness, ease and joy that you deserve by nature.

If you want to experience the magic of singingbowls youself, feel free to contakt me.

I am very much looking forward to every single person that wants to open up to the healing potential of singingbowls.

From my heart to yours,


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