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The human being behind Yoga-real-Talk.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

I always find it a litte wired to introduce myself, as I feel a few words can never realy gasp the complexity of a human being, but for you I will try.

I will skip informations like age, name and relationship status, as I find these things rather irrelevant when it comes to the nature of a human being. But I will try to give you a glimpse into my being and why I am here, now, sharing yoga as I do.

I had to smile a little when I realized that the easiest way to give you an impression of me, is to refer to myself as a yoga teacher, you know the ones from the movies, in colorful clothes, with the dreadlocks and the rare occurrence of accessories only in the form of crystals or sacred symbols, always carrying a smile wherever they go. That’s me, just without the huge sunglasses and the peace signs.

I love and admire every being on this earth, I always carry gratitude and joy in my heart and strongly believe that the only thing humanity is missing for its eternal happiness is self-love and the realization that everything is connected through love and joy.

So let me tell you how I got to be who I am and why my biggest wish is to share it with you.

About 6 Years ago now, I set out to travel a little after I finished school and before I would start my studies. My journey began in Australia where I was gifted with lightness and endless joy. I got to know amazing human beings that inspired me and showed me that love and faith are the most natural and the most nourishing companions on a humans journey, or rather in a humans live.

With this faith and a heart wide open from gratitude for very beautiful day, I traveled on to Bali and the Gilli islands, where I took my first yoga class. At this point I didn’t know yoga and my very german brain that was always striving towards logic was very skeptical about this practice.

And well, what can I say… I know it sounds quite cliché but from this day on I never stopped practicing yoga since then. Quite quickly I gained a new depth in my self-perception, from which I could draw love for myself and the world. I deepened my practice, with Pranayama, Meditation and Knowledge and soon I learned to surrender into faith even more, I started living more consciously, to see the beauty and magic of this live on our beautiful earth more and more.

With all these new experiences I returned home, almost as a new human being, to finish my qualification as a fitness instructor. This passion I had found before my travels, also from the deep with to help people improve their lives to find happiness.

But the studies I had planned after that, I never finished, instead I decided to go into Yoga Teacher Training, because I knew clearly now that I wanted to pass this sacred practice, of finding oneself and opening up to healing, on to every human being that was turning my way for help and guidance.

And then I left Germany again, with the aim to travel once more, to learn and advance on my personal journey and on my path as a yoga teacher.

Well, I made it to Greece and then the universe took over, it had different plans for me.

It guided me to Switzerland where I live, love and share yoga till this day.

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